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Reynolds Medical Diagnostyka Kardiologiczna is a private limited company. We have been existing on Polish cardiology market for more than 15 years now and can proudly call ourselves a leader provider of professional long term ambulatory ECG monitoring, ambulatory BP monitoring and integrated cardiology information systems (CIS).

We started as a representative of Reynolds Medical Ltd. – later known as Del Mar Reynolds. Expanding over next years we embarked on working with other internationally recognised and well referenced manufactures of advanced medical equipment. We now exclusively distribute in Poland Spacelabs Healthcare (Spacelabs ABPM, Cambridge Heart MTWA), Finapres, Alam Medical (Complior), Amedtec, Geratherm Respiratory and we in addition sell and service some other complementary products such as Trackmaster treadmills, Ergoline ergometers, Suntech Medical NIBP devices.

Our solutions and implementations include large integrated CIS-class networks in some biggest Polish centres – The Silesian Cardiac Centre, The National Institute of Cardiology, Military Institute of Medicine, Paediatric Hospital of Warsaw Medical University, to name just some best known ones.

We deliver cardiology and respiratory equipment – resting ECG devices and management, ambulatory ECG and BP, central pressure and pulse wave velocity, continuous noninvasive blood pressure and haemodynamic profile, cardiopulmonary stress testing and pulmonary functional diagnostics ranging from simple spirometers to body box and CO-diffusion testing, cardiac training and rehabilitation systems as well as defibrillators and patient monitoring.

We are strong with our customers network, KOL connections, over 15-years of experience and continuous challenge to improve our knowledge and customer service. We aim at long-term cooperation with both customers and manufactures, to deliver real working solutions.

Maciej Warda, CEO

any inquiries please send to

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